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Barely above water in Hong Kong, Andreas Müller-Pohle

09.17.14 2010
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'the new king' 
(found image, 1981 / 2013)


'the new king' 

(found image, 1981 / 2013)

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This is so aesthetically satisfying. 

09.15.14 148139
I often use the metaphor of Perseus and the head of Medusa when I speak of science fiction. Instead of looking into the face of truth, you look over your shoulder into the bronze surface of a reflecting shield. Then you reach back with your sword and cut off the head of Medusa. Science fiction pretends to look into the future but it’s really looking at a reflection of what is already in front of us. So you have a ricochet vision, a ricochet that enables you to have fun with it, instead of being self-conscious and superintellectual.
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i bought this skull for a cosplay and

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Kristen Stewart in the trailer of Camp X-Ray (x)

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Logan Zillmer: Surreal photography

Michigan-based conceptual photographer Logan Zillmer brings surreal dream worlds to life in his imaginative blend of photography and digital manipulation.

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